Why choose Quality Automotive

Why Choose Quality Automotive?

To answer that you must understand the benefits of building a relationship with your auto mechanics.

First and foremost is trust.  Getting to know your service center and having them learn your concerns is far more important than chasing any “Deal of the day”.  With the time we spend in our cars daily, having someone who understands your vehicle, driving habits, and expectations makes the process much easier for you.  That said, having someone on your side gives you that peace of mind and assurance your vehicle will be well cared for.

Secondly is time and money.  Saving time equates to saving money.  Having all your mechanical needs met in one facility means your technician is aware of all repair and preventative maintenance histories.  This leads to  quicker and more accurate diagnosis of your concerns.

Lastly is convenience.  The ability of having all your needs met under one facility voids the need of rushing from one shop to another allowing the staff to provide you with the personal attention that you deserve.  If there is a question on if a repair was made or still needed, that information is just one call away.  When all records are saved in one spot, there is no need to remember who did what and when.


So, Why Quality Automotive?

  • One call can do it all.  Not only do we perform auto maintenance and service, we also offer full body repair and frame service.  We work with most insurance and warranty companies and handle the majority of the footwork.  Our goal is to best fit your needs.
  • Flexibility!  Quality automotive strives to be proactive with our approach.  When possible, we make a plan for repairs, helping to minimize the inconvenience of downtime.  We understand our customers are busy with daily living and provide extended hours and weekends for your convenience
  • Technicians of Quality Automotive have years of experience in the industry.  We service most all makes and models.  We pride ourselves on continuing education of all of the latest advancements.
  • Finally is our downhome feel.  Our friendly staff is here to listen, and we take the time to get to know out customers.  Quality Automotive can do most all repairs and maintenance your local dealership provides without the extra costs.  From oil changes to dash light, from electrical to body repair, We Can Fix It!