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Welcome to Quality Automotive!


Since opening our doors over 20 years ago, Quality Automotive has kept one single purpose in mind: to “Build Customer Relationships” while providing “Excellent Service” at  “A Fair Price”.

Truly, your one stop for all of your vehicle needs! At Quality Auto, we offer comprehensive mechanical, frame, front end, and collision repair services through our facility in Mishawaka, Indiana. We understand busy schedules make it hard to get your vehicle needs handled at multiple locations, but at Quality Automotive one call can do it all. Our technicians are highly trained to maintain and repair virtually all makes and models of domestic and import automobiles including: cars, vans, light, medium and heavy duty trucks, and even agricultural equipment. We’re also an authorized repair facility for most brands of construction and industrial equipment.

We provide same-day service on various repairs, offer free estimates, and fast, friendly, affordable service backed by our limited nationwide warranty and our 100% Quality Guarantee. Come to Quality Auto. You’ll be glad you did!


Summer Car Care Tips

    • Check tire pressures and alignment.  Correct inflation and alignment of your tires will not only help tire wear, but it will improve fuel economy as well.
    • Check your coolant level and protection.  Not only does coolant keep your engine from freezing in winter, but it keeps your motor cool in the heat of Summer.  Overheating your engine can cause internal damage and costly repairs.
    • Be sure to change your oil and filter at proper intervals, and consider a fuel additive to clean your fuel system.
    • Heat is the enemy of your automobile battery.  Although you don’t see the damage until winter weather, summer heat can damage your battery.  Make sure to have it tested before the colder season comes.
    • Replacing your air filter before long trips can improve gas mileage and help smooth your engine.
    • Wash and wax your vehicle.  Wax prevents Uv rays from damaging your paint surface as quickly, and also makes it easier to clean bugs and debris from your car.
    • Have an Emergency kit.  During those summer trips, it is a good peace of mind to keep an emergency kit in the car.



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