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Welcome to Quality Automotive!


qalogoSince opening our doors over 20 years ago, Quality Automotive has kept one single purpose in mind: to “Build Customer Relationships” while providing “Excellent Service” at  “A Fair Price”.

Truly, your one stop for all of your vehicle needs! At Quality Auto, we offer comprehensive mechanical, frame, front end, and collision repair services through our facility in Mishawaka, Indiana. We understand busy schedules make it hard to get your vehicle needs handled at multiple locations, but at Quality Automotive one call can do it all. Our technicians are highly trained to maintain and repair virtually all makes and models of domestic and import automobiles including: cars, vans, light, medium and heavy duty trucks, and even agricultural equipment. We’re also an authorized repair facility for most brands of construction and industrial equipment.

We provide same-day service on various repairs, offer free estimates, and fast, friendly, affordable service backed by our limited nationwide warranty and our 100% Quality Guarantee. Come to Quality Auto. You’ll be glad you did!


Winter Car Care Tips

    • Check your vehicle’s heating and defrost operation before cold weather strikes.
    • Make sure to have your antifreeze tested for its freeze point;  Clean and flush as needed.
    • Be sure to change your oil and filter at proper intervals, and consider a fuel additive to clean your fuel system.
    • Test the battery and charging system to avoid being stranded.
    • Inspect wiper blades for damage and replace every 6 months.  Consider using winter blades during the cold season.
    • Good traction is a must on snowy roads.  Be sure to have your tire depths and pressures checked.
    • Keep your fuel tank half full to help prevent moisture from freezing in the lines
    • Have your brakes inspected along with the antilock system – it is especially important during these slippery mouth.
    • Wash your car frequently to prevent salt from damaging your vehicle’s paint.
    • Have an Emergency kit in your vehicle; be sure it contains jumper cables, flash light, blanket, flares and snow brushes.


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